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UPDATE. The lunch went ahead on Monday 12 December and was a massive success. Everyone eat well, had great fun and received a clothing gift. They even had a celebration cake! Thanks to your kind generosity we fed 126 children and carers. Extensive renovations to the classrooms and dormitories will start soon. 

All children, carers, teachers, staff and trustees send their thanks and gratitude and wish you a Happy Christmas. 







CAMPAIGNFor the fifth year running we are asking for your kind support to provide a lovely Christmas Lunch and wonderful Gift for over 60 supported children at the Lukani Children's Centre AND Primary Schools. Parents and guardians are also invited. 

Our deputy Ester tells us the children need 'Kristmase Clothes' and we hope to raise enough to buy a two piece tracksuit for all the children.

The cost for a quality lunch including meat, vegetables, rice, salads, fruit and sodas, AND the tracksuit is around £750. The lunch will go ahead on 9 December 2023. However, we would like to fully renovate our classrooms and dormitories over Christmas which will cost around £1000, hence the target of £1750.

Our previous lunches have been really successful and with your support we think we can do the same again this year. You will bring happiness and joy and the children receive no other presents or treats.

Please can you help with a small donation? If so please follow the link Donate Here to Just Giving where you can donate securely and safely. Or just copy the following into your browser 

Thank you for your support. As always every penny we r
eceive will go to the children. 

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