For the third year in a row the trustees of Let Them Shine are asking for your support to provide a lovely Christmas Lunch for all the children at the Centre and Primary School, plus their parents and guardians. We know the children number 69, plus maybe 120 adults. 

Porridge is nice but Christmas Lunch is better

The total cost for a quality meal including meat, vegetables, rice, salads, fruit and sodas is around £400. The date is now confirmed as 22 December 2022.

Our previous two campaigns have been really successful and with your support there is every reason to think we can do the same again this year.  Please can you help?  Virgin Money Giving has shut down so we are using Just Giving. They are long established and highly regarded and have introduced a free 'lite' service for small charities.  They have various ways to make a donation including secure bank transfer along with the usual card based donations.  

The link to Just Giving to make a donation is here. It's easy and safe.  

Thank you very much for your support. Christmas is very different in Tanzania and we can bring a few hours of happiness to the children under our care. If we exceed the target we will buy fun classroom resources for the new term.