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Children's Centre - Update February 2024

We are delighted to report that the Children’s Centre is running very well.  We now have 44 registered children, with around fifteen living at the Centre full time. This number can increase as sometimes parents and guardians forget to pick up their little ones on Friday afternoon. 

Over Christmas major renovations took place to the classrooms and girls dormitory. Some floors were replaced and walls re-plastered along with general decorations. The entire Centre is looking start and ready for the new academic term. Our final job is to gat an artist to paint walls with fun graphics such as fruits and veg, numbers and so on. 

Following the very successful Christmas lunch appeal excess funds were used for renovations and to buy equipment for the classrooms. 

Ester, our deputy manager, is working hard to adopt the Montessori principles of early years education - hands on learning and collaborative play. One of our classrooms is divided into four with different activities in each quarter. Children are free to explore the different subjects.



A copy of our September 2023 newsletter is now available.

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