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Our Project - The Lukani Children's Centre

The Centre opened in 2016 and is now fully operational. We completed the separate kitchen and dining room following our charity bike ride in 2017.


There are 45 boys and girls eating, sleeping, living and learning in the centre. We are also supporting 27 children who have moved on to primary school. We have a committee in place with representatives from all four villages to ensure the children who are most in need are invited to benefit. A Board of Governors meet quarterly to oversee financial and operational propriety.


We have two full time qualified teachers to introduce the children to basic English, a 'matron' to take care of the children's day to day needs, a watchman / gardener / handyman along with our long time friend and retired headmaster Mr Mashoya Natai who oversees day to day operations.


Sponsoring a child who lives at the Centre Monday to Friday and some weekends costs £20 a month, or whatever you can afford. We transfer ALL sponsorship money in full around the 15th day of each month, so every penny received really does go to the children. They are well looked after and they receive the all important introduction to English which is so vital in later life.

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