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Give As You Earn 

Make a Lasting Impact with Give As You Earn (GAYE)

Donate to Let Them Shine directly from your salary, with tax benefits!

What is Give As You Earn (GAYE)?

GAYE is a UK program that lets you donate to charities before tax is deducted from your paycheck. This means your donation has a bigger impact for Let Them Shine, and it reduces the amount you pay in taxes.

Benefits of GAYE for you:

  • Increase your donation's power: Every pound donated through GAYE goes further because it's made before tax is taken out.

  • Spread the cost: Make smaller, regular donations that are easier to manage in your budget.

  • Tax-efficient giving: Reduce your taxable income, potentially lowering your tax bill.

How to Donate with GAYE:

  1. Check if your employer offers GAYE: Most large employers in the UK offer GAYE schemes. Contact your HR department to inquire and see if they partner with a payroll giving agency like CAF Charity Aid Foundation.

  2. Choose your donation amount: Decide how much you'd like to donate each month through GAYE.

  3. Complete a GAYE donation form: Your HR department will provide you with this form. You'll need to specify Let Them Shine as your chosen charity and the amount you wish to donate.

  4. Let Let Them Shine know! While not essential, we'd love to know about your generous support through GAYE. You can contact us at [insert email address].

Together, with your GAYE contribution, we can continue to provide a brighter future for the children at Let Them Shine!

Shine a Light Today

Click here to learn more about our children and sponsor a child, or donate to our general fund to support all our students holistically. Let's create a brighter future, together.

At Let Them Shine, we believe that even the smallest contributions can spark a lifetime of change. Here's why your ongoing monthly donation, even at just £5, is critical to our success:

  • Predictable Support: Consistent monthly donations allow us to plan effectively and ensure our children have access to essential resources throughout the year.

  • Collective Impact: When many individuals give a little, it adds up to a significant force for good. Your £5, combined with others, provides nutritious meals, educational materials, and healthcare for our children.

  • Unlocks Matching Opportunities: Some corporate donors match employee contributions, so your £5 can potentially be doubled, maximizing your impact.

Of course, any amount you can contribute above £5 is deeply appreciated! Here's how your increased generosity can make a difference:

  • £10 a month: Provides essential school supplies for a child for a year.

  • £25 a month: Sponsors a child, giving them access to education, healthcare, and nutritious meals.

  • £50 a month: Helps us upgrade educational materials or provide specialised healthcare services.

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