With the roof now complete and the house water tight (the short rainy season has started) work is underway to render the outside walls and plaster the interior walls. 


Due to the generosity of one supporter a connection to mains electricity will be made and the house wired with lights and sockets. Amazing!  

Admittedly not the best picture but more to follow. 


Construction of the roof is well under way.


Hardwood is used as a matter of course. They have no means to treat it with preservative so it's the only long lasting option. The roof will be clad with iron sheets. 


The workmen (Fundi) continue to make great progress with the walls approaching completion. Reinforced lintels have been included. Construction of the roof will be next and will start as soon as the cement has set. A completion date of November is possible which really is impressive. 

Please help Nicola to realise her dream ...


Many of you will know that Nicola had a long and deep relationship with Tanzania. She was instrumental in the creation of the Lukani Children's Centre. It is true to say that Nicola was an inspiration to many women. She was loved as much there as she was here.


Despite the success of the Children's Centre there was one thing that bothered her each time she visited. Nicola befriended the loveliest family but regretted their terrible living conditions. She often talked of her desire to build them a small, simple house to replace their shelter made of little more than rusting iron sheets, wood and plastic.


During the wet season it is hard to describe how bad it is for Mama Daniel, Bwana Jackson and their two sons Meshack and Exaud (who name themselves Gonzalez and Chalice). Remarkably they are self-sufficient from their small 'shamba' (plot of land) but building a house is beyond them. The eldest son Emmanuel usually lives away so cannot help.

Despite their poverty they are the most happy, kind and generous family you are likely to meet. They would be an inspiration to many families here.


So instead of bringing or sending floral tributes to Nicola's funeral please will you kindly consider helping realise Nicola's long held wish to build them a basic two roomed house?


If she's looking down at our amazing and slightly unusual request I know she'd be overjoyed with happiness. All the money we receive will go to the project in full.


Here is a LINK to make a safe and secure donation through Just Giving. 


Realising Nicola’s dream is completely separate from other fundraising and will be ring fenced. We are also delighted to accept cheques etc. We are content that this campaign fits with our 'charitable objects' and we can legitimately claim gift aid on donations.