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The final update....


Nicola's 'Dream House' is finished externally and the final decorations inside are underway. When I visited in early February works had stalled because the house had been prematurely occupied (such was the excitement) and a little more money was needed for window glazing and paint. It's a fine house with three bedrooms and a sitting room. The house has been wired for mains power and we are waiting for the connection to the network. Cooking will still take place outside using a traditional fire. 

The 'Dream House' is a lasting tribute to Nicola and will provide shelter and comfort to an incredibly poor family. THANK YOU to everyone who supported this truly wonderful memorial. 

The Old House 

Please help Nicola to realise her dream ...


Many of you will know that Nicola had a long and deep relationship with Tanzania. She was instrumental in the creation of the Lukani Children's Centre. It is true to say that Nicola was an inspiration to many women. She was loved as much there as she was here.


Despite the success of the Children's Centre there was one thing that bothered her each time she visited. Nicola befriended the loveliest family but regretted their terrible living conditions. She often talked of her desire to build them a small, simple house to replace their shelter made of little more than rusting iron sheets, wood and plastic.


During the wet season it is hard to describe how bad it is for Mama Daniel, Bwana Jackson and their two sons Meshack and Exaud (who name themselves Gonzalez and Chalice). Remarkably they are self-sufficient from their small 'shamba' (plot of land) but building a house is beyond them. The eldest son Emmanuel usually lives away so cannot help.

Despite their poverty they are the most happy, kind and generous family you are likely to meet. They would be an inspiration to many families here.


So instead of bringing or sending floral tributes to Nicola's funeral please will you kindly consider helping realise Nicola's long held wish to build them a basic two roomed house?



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