We are always in need of new sponsors! Sponsorship can give many families the rewarding experience of providing everything a child needs to live well and learn well.


To sponsor a child at the Children’s Centre costs £20 per month, or whatever you can afford. We provide all they need including food, clothes, healthcare and an education, provided in a supportive and caring environment. In return you will receive updates on your child's progress, pictures, plus general news from the Children's Centre. Many of our sponsors have supported the same child through the Centre and then into primary school. 


It's simple to get started and here's what you need to do:

1) Tell us through the CONTACT US page


2) Set up a monthly Standing Order from your Bank to our Charity Bank Account. You can do this online if you bank this way.


Our HSBC account sort code is 40-23-01, account number 31393774 and account name 'Let Them Shine'.

You remain in control of Standing Orders and can cancel at any time


A number of people have made a hugely rewarding visit to the Lukani Children's Centre. If this is of interest to you please get in touch through the CONTACT US page


We are always keen to develop relationships with corporate bodies. We are currently supported by an international firm of architects.

If this is of interest to you please get in touch through the CONTACT US page


If you would like to make a one off donation we recommend Virgin Money Giving.


Virgin Money Giving are a not for profit way you can make easy and safe donations to Let Them Shine. If you are a UK taxpayer and make a donation the charity can also benefit from Gift Aid.

To make a one off donation just click the button. It's easy, quick and safe.