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We always have children waiting for a sponsor. Please can you help? As soon as a sponsor is found the child will start at the Centre and get all the benefits listed below. 

We need your help to find a sponsor for little Lina.

She is just three years old and an absolute sweetie. She comes from a village called Kirisha and lives with her mother and grandmother and they are one of the poorest families. The conditions are so bad, especially during the current long rains, we made the decision to get her into the Lukani Children's Centre without a sponsor. She's living there full time. But to continue she needs a kind person to support her at the Centre, and beyond into primary school.

Everything you need to know is below......


Sponsoring a child at the Children's Centre costs just £20 a month and can give many families the rewarding experience of providing all a child needs to live well and learn well.


Your support will provide everything the child needs including:

  • Accommodation at the Centre with the support of full time overnight care

  • All meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Pre school education, taught in English five days a week, by qualified teachers

  • Clothing, bedding etc

  • Access to healthcare when needed


All provided in a supportive and caring environment. 


In return you will receive:


  • At least two updates a year on your child's progress with pictures.

  • The opportunity to send small gifts / letters and to ask any questions.

  • General news from the Lukani Children's Centre

  • The opportunity to follow progress from the Centre to Primary School - many of our sponsors have supported the same child for 6 years.



It's simple to get started and here's what you need to do:

   1) Tell us through the CONTACT US page

   2) Set up a monthly STANDING ORDER from your Bank to our Charity Bank Account. You can do this online if you bank this way.

   3) Our HSBC account sort code is 40-23-01, account number 31393774 and account name 'Let Them Shine'.

   4) Complete and submit the GIFT AID declaration HERE. Gift Aid really supports our endeavours. 


You remain in control of Standing Orders and can cancel at any time

"It has been a privilege to support a child with Let Them Shine and a joy to watch Gloria grow from a shy little 4 year old into a young confident girl of 10.  Above all because Let Them Shine is not a large charity we hear exactly what is happening from regular updates along with wonderful photos and videos.


These children truly start to shine from the care and love given to them by the charity".

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