Annual Report from the Board of Governors - Summary

The Lukani Children's Centre currently has 38 children registered, mixed boys and girls. Of these 12 children will start at various local primary schools next January. We have 31 sponsored children but care for many more. 13 children at primary school took the fourth grade national exam at the end of October. Two children, Stella and Medina, will start secondary school next year. 

Poultry Project - The project is progressing well and the Centre is benefitting from the eggs with the children getting two per week. The children learn to look after the chickens, including how the by product fertiliser can be used in the vegetable garden. 

Vegetable Garden - the gardens are very productive and supply vegetables three times a week for the Centre. Again eth children play an active role in tending to the plants. 

Building Report - All facilities are in good condition and comply with regulations.  

Teaching Resources - The Centre has a good supply of learning and teaching materials, including sports equipment such a swings, ropes, tennis and balls. Good quality footballs are hard to come by. 

Minibus - the vehicle is in good condition with new tyres and no other defects. 

The Board of Governors recognise the importance of the trustees, sponsors and supporters of Let Them Shine and the incredible contribution they make. Without them the Centre would not be able to operate as it does and many children would go unsupported. We are very grateful and wish you all the best.



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The video shows the children actively involved in the Poultry Project