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We are a small registered charity running a Children's Centre in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania.


The Centre opened in 2016 and provides pastoral care and pre-school education for up to fifty children, split between boys and girls.


We continue to support sponsored children whey they start primary school, and in early 2023 some children will move secondary school. Sponsors receive regular updates of their child's progress. 


We all recognise that education is a way out of poverty and is something that has an impact on the whole community.


Let Them Shine is a non-denominational charity and the focus is very much at a grass-roots level by ensuring that every penny raised through sponsorship goes to the Centre in full every month.

Our Mission

Let Them Shine exists to alleviate child poverty through education, care and play in a safe and supportive environment.

Get Involved

We are always in need of new sponsors!


Sponsorship can give many families the rewarding experience of providing everything a child needs to live and learn.


If you would like to make a one off donation we recommend Just Giving. It's quick, safe and secure


Our Signature Aesthetic

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